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Renfert Easyclean Ultrasonic Cleaner (Base Unit Only) 18500000

Renfert Easyclean Ultrasonic cleaning unit RRP $1368.00 + GST (2022) ** IMPORTANT: This u..

Renfert Easyclean Glass Jar With Lid 600ml, 1 Piece 18500006 (Use with Beaker Lid 18500002)

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean Glass Cleaning Jar 600ml For the use of additional cleaning..

Renfert Easyclean Grey Plastic Lid 18500001

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean 1. Plastic lid Quicker heating. Protects against evaporat..

Renfert Easyclean Plastic Container With Lid - 1 Piece 18500007

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean Plastic container with lid Ideal for cleaning smaller items..

Renfert Easyclean Rectangle Full Size Basket With Handles Stainless Steel 18500003

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean Stainless steel basket For storage of cleaning items. To ..

Renfert Easyclean Stainless Steel Beaker Lid 18500002

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean Stainless steel cover Cover for use with the cleaning jar, ..

Renfert Easyclean Stainless Steel Immersion Basket 59 mm - 1 Piece 18500004

Accessory for Renfert Easyclean Stainless steel immersion basket For cleaning small an..

Ultrasonic Cleaner CD4800 1.4L with Plastic Basket Insert

Digital Control Includes Plastic Basket Cleaning Time: 5 Working Cycles Ultrasonic Freq 42,..

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