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Edenta Exa Technik Acrylic Polisher, Medium, Grey Mounted, Rounded, 6 (0662HP)

Polishing, for smoothing surfaces. Step 2 = Grey: Medium grit Silicone polisher for smoothing ..

Single Row Slimline Lathe Brush 48mm - 10 Pack

Slimline Brush for Lathe for polishing of denture acrylics. Style Single Row Brush ..

Single Row Slimline Lathe Brush 48mm with Calico - 10 Pack

Slimline Brush fro Lathe with Calico for polishing of denture acrylics Style Slimline B..

ABC White Calico Loose Leaf Plain Buff - 4" x 30 Ply (100 x 20mm) - 1pc (Pre-Dressed)

Multibuy Offers: PACK OF 10 - SAVE 10% Multi-ply calico/muslin buffs for application of polishing ..

Arbor Band Handpiece HP Micromotor Mandrel suits 1/4” Dia (6.3mm) Arbor Bands – 1 Pc

High quality Mandrel, with adjustable diameter rubber head, designed to firmly hold arbor bands in p..

Bellotti Bellfix Polyamide 19mm Wheel Polishing Grinding Wheels - Pack 10 + Mandrel - Options

Bellfix Polyamide HP Polishing Brushes – Unmounted Bellfix disc polyamide brushes with integr..

Black Extra Stiff HP Brush Mini - 10 pack

Style Black HP Brush Mini Material Extra Stiff Black Horse Hair Use..

Calico Buff Lead Centre 4" x 36 - 1

Multibuy Offers: PACK OF 10 - SAVE 10% Suitable for polishing plastic prosthetics, composites, cro..

Calico HP Mop Mini - 12 pack

Style Calico HP Mop Mini Material Calico Use For high shine poli..

Dedeco Mounted Trimming Stone 5101 or 5102 - Pack of 5

Traditional stones for fast, heatless clog-free trimming of acrylics and soft liner. Resulting ..

Edenta Ceramic Abrasive, Grit 330 Medium, Pink – Disc Style – RM734.090HP

Pink High Grade corundum abrasive with ceramic bond for universal grinding of metal alloys Max RPM ..

Edenta Sintered Diamond Disc DSB321.524.300HP

Plaster diamond disc with sintered rim for dies, tooth arch separation on plaster models. ..

Edenta Softcrack Finishing Wheels - 10 + 1 Mandrel 4029HP (2100UM)

Soft, elastic, multi-layer grinding discs with optimal grit size for use with soft and elastic resin..

Edenta Spiral Mandrel 301L (4004-HP) – For Acrylic Polishers

Edenta Spiral Mandrel 301L (4004-HP) – For Acrylic Polishers Shank Size: 3/32” (2.38mm)..

Felt Cone Pointed - Pack of 12

Firm pure wool felt cones for smooth finishing. Used with threaded mandrel or tapered spindle. Ide..

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