Solder / Flux and Heat Protection

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Dentaurum Universal Silver Solder Rod - 1 x 1.2g 380-604-50

Universal Silver Solder Rod – 380-604-50 Diameter: 1‐1.1mm Working Temperature 700 Degre..

Dentaurum Universal Silver Solder Rod Pack Of 10 RODS x 1.2g Each 380-604-60

PACK 10 x Universal Silver Solder Ready Fluxed Rods 380-604-60 Diameter: 1‐1.1mm Working Temp..

Miniflam Silver Solder 40%AG - 5 Sticks with C22 Flux Pot

Miniflam 40% silver solder is ideal for use in dental appliances such as orthodontic devices and for..

Dentaurum Universal Silver Solder Roll - 10g

Universal Silver Solder Roll – Working Temperature 630 Degrees Without Flux, Cadmium Free ..

Dentaurum Dentaflux Universal Flux - 50g

Dentaflux® flux • universal flux • for all alloys • especially for connections be..

Dentaurum Heat Protection - 100g (380-070-00)

Heat Protection for metals, plastics and ceramic parts against heat damage during soldering. ..

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