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Ainsworth Plastic Separating Sheets 100 x 100mm - Pack of 1000

Square plastic seperating sheets for trial packing ..

Durodent Devest - Plaster and Stone Remover 5L

Very efficient in breaking down stone and plaster when cleaning dentures, instruments etc. Suitable..

Kemdent ClarDent EXTRA Large Rubber Model Base Former - Red – UPPER or LOWER - 1pc

Orthodontic Model Base Formers - Rubber Size: Extra Large For quick clean construction of models..

Liquid / Powder Dosing Bottle With Cone Lid (Red Cap) 100ml

Liquid / Powder Dosing Bottle With Cone Lid (Red Cap), Plastic, 100ml Use with Metal Nozzles for Po..

Metal Bench Block with Rubber

An accessory for a Dental Workbench. To be used on a firm but forgiving surface Seperate rubbers ca..

Orthodontic Model Rubber Model Base Formers - Two Size Options

  Orthodontic Rubber Model Base Formers - Single Pieces MBF-G2.1-LU ..

Plain Resealable Snap Lock Job Bags - Transparent - Box 1000 - 2 Sizes Available

Resealable Plain Job Bags - Transparent - Box 1000 - 2 Sizes Available Great for storing and transp..

Renfert Fibertray 10pcs 19190000

Firing Tray Accessories Fibertray, 10 pieces Max temp 1200 degrees Celcius Textile firing tray fo..

Renfert GO 2011 Speed Plaster And Alginate Solvent - 2L (20120000)

GO 2011 speed - Plaster and alginate solvent Suitable for cleaning different instruments and a..

Renfert Pressure Air Nozzle w/ Hose Barb (Suit 6mm Hose), Rubber, 1pc (13710000)

Pressure Air Nozzle Barb Tail for easy insursion into the hose. Made of rubber. Dimensions: Length ..

Resealable Snap Lock Job Bags with Write On White Panels - Transparent - Box 1000 - 2 Sizes

Resealable 3 White Write On Panels Job Bags - Transparent  - Box 1000 - 2 Sizes Great for stor..

Uvex Safety Glasses Hunter - Options Available

UVEX safety glasses offer ultimate comfort and protection in the laboratory. Anti Fog Lens L..

Crosstex Tartar and Stain Remover - 3.7L

Powerful ultrasonic acidic detergent removes calculus, tartar, tobacco, food stains and permanent ce..

Fino Tin Foil 250g

Foil used as a separating material, as between cast and..

Liquid Dosing Bottle with Angled Nozzle - 2 Sizes Available

Available in 2 sizes - 125ml and 250ml ..

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