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Kulzer Hera Moldavest Master - 45 Bags x 450g (20.25kg) - 66009782 - Investment material for model casting Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) and Precious Metal

Kulzer ‐ Moldavest® Master Moldavest Master is a phosphate bound, graphite free precision inves..

Kulzer Heravest Speed - 4.5 kg - Containing 75 x 60g bags - 66036741 - Investment For C&B Precious and Non Precious Metal

Investment For C & B Precious and Non Precious Metal Kulzer ‐ Heravest Speed Conventional phos..

Kulzer Hera Investment BS Liquid 1 x 3L 66019994 - For use with Moldavest Master or Heravest Speed

Investments Liquids For Kulzer Powders Investment BS Liquid 1 Standard liquid for: Heravest Spe..

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