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Edenta TC Soft Liner / Acrylic Cutter - Cut 75 - 3 Strip Green Band

Soft Liner / Acrylic TC Cutter ‐ Cut 75 For trimming of soft acrylics / soft relining. Plain t..

Edenta Rubynit - B3101.104.085

Ruby coated premier cutting tool Rubynised grinding instruments permits precise trimming of acrylic ..

Edenta TC C108 Repair Cutter

Used to roughen up denture acrylics as well as for processing of retentions onto acrylic teeth. 5.00..

Edenta TC C515.023 3 Sided Fissure Bur - 1

Fissure burs are ideal for removing excess material of thermoform materials. Designed specifically f..

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