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Kulzer High End Implant Grade Premium Ranges - Modern Design for Full, Partial and Implant Cases.


Kulzer DELARA All Purpose Top Selling Tooth Range - NEW Modern Design for All Indications




Thank you for your interest regarding a trading account with Durodent Dental Supplies.

Please find the download link above for our account application form which you will be required to fully complete, sign and return to us so your application can be processed.

Please allow up to 4 business days for processing. In the meantime, you are welcome to place orders and pay up front until the application is processed.

There are two account options depending on your expected purchasing requirements.

30 DAY EOM Credit Account: If you expect to place orders with us on a regular monthly basis, subject to approval you may be offered a 30 day credit trading account that will have a set Maximum Credit Limit.

In some circumstances if there is no prior trading history, you may be required to pay up front for the first three (3) orders to establish a credit history with Durodent.

By applying for a 30 day credit trading account you are agreeing that you will pay any outstanding amounts strictly within 30 days from EOM (End of Month). For example, any orders you place in January are due in full before the end of February the following month.

Durodent Accounts Terms:

Payments: Due strictly by 30 days after end of month. You will receive a monthly Statement to your email on the last day of each month. If due payments are not received within 30 days, your account may be put on hold until amounts are remitted.

Credit Limit: All accounts have a credit limit set to cover 2 months spending based on your average spend over 12 month period and payment history. Any orders placed that exceed your provided credit limit may require payment for the balance before your order is shipped. An initial maximum credit limit of $1000 may be offered for brand new accounts without any prior trading history until trading pattern established.

Durodent reserves the right to put accounts on hold, adjust credit limits, stop providing credit or revert accounts to Pay On Order.

Alternatively, if you expect to only make occasional orders it would be preferred to have a pay as you go account, which minimises administration time and simplifies managing your account for both parties.

PAY ON ORDER Account: Your account name and delivery details are stored in our system and payment will be due when your order is placed. We can charge your Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

You will still need to fill out the complete application form except for the trade reference section so we can setup your details in our system.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Kind Regards,

Durodent Team

Material Safety Data Sheets

Please contact us via email to request copies of any required MSDS for products purchased from Durodent.

TGA Registration and ARTG Certificates

All products supplied by Durodent Dental Supplies that are classed as a Medical Device are registered with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) Australia.

The ARTG registration is held by the primary importer (sponsor) of the product / medical device for Australia.

ARTG registrations is only applicable to product / product categories classed as a Medical Device.

ARTG are found by searching for Sponser (Importer) / Manufaturer / GMDN (eg. 38643 Artificial teeth, resin). ARTG do not mention brand names (eg. Pala or Delara).

Multiple related products from one manufacture are covered by one registered ARTG Certificate for the related Manufacturer / Product Category GMDN Code. eg. Kulzer Acrylics (Paladent 20, Paladon 65) 

For example:

  1. Kulzer brand products ARTG certificates are held by Kulzer Australia – All Australian dealers are covered by these.
  2. Cavex brand products ARTG certificates are held by W9 Australia – All Australian dealers are covered by these.
  3. Zhermack brand products ARTG certificates are held by Durodent Holdings Pty Ltd – as we are the direct importer of these products.
  4. Reliance Dental products ARTG certificates are held by Durodent Holdings Pty Ltd – as we are the direct importer of these products.


You can access and search all ARTG certificates and details at

Durodent Holding Pty Ltd Sponser Specific ARTG Search Link:

eIFU Electronic Instructions For Use