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Economy Angled Head Handheld Micro Torch - Black 1300°c

Angled Head Handheld Micro Torch, Black 1300°c Handheld microtorch with adjustable flame, lo..

Microtorch MCT Handheld + Miniflam Butane Gas Pack

Combo Pack: 1 x Micro Torch Butane Handheld, Black - MCT Model 1 x Miniflam Butane Torch Refill Ga..

Miniflam Butane Torch Refill Gas - Red 300g

Triple refined high quality gas ensures burner jets don’t get blocked Use to recharge butane ..

Prince Piezo Original GB-2001 Torch – BLACK - 1300°c

Prince Piezo Original GB-2001 Micro Gas Torch – BLACK  - 1300°c Self-Starting hand..

Prince Piezo Original GT-3000S Angled Microtorch - Black 1300°c

  Prince Original GT-3000S Angled Microtorch, Black (1300°c) Self-Starting hand held...

Prince Touch Gas Burner Bunsen K1000 - Silver 1300°c

Prince Touch Gas Burner Bunsen K1000 - Silver 1300°c Battery Powered - 1 x AA Portable P..

Micro Bunsen Burner Type II (04015) - Adjustable Flame

Micro Bunsen Burner Type II. Substitute for alcohol burners. State‐of‐the art piezo electric ignitio..

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