Modelling & Diagnostic Waxes

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Renfert GEO Blockout Wax (Ausblockwachse) - Pink - Opaque - 1 x 75g - 6500000

GEO block-out wax - Blocking out made easy Function & Performance This wax is suitable for bloc..

Renfert GEO Classic Cervical and Undercut wax - Soft - Red-Transparent - 75g 4891000

Renfert GEO Classic Cervical and Undercut wax, Soft, Red-Transparent, 75g 4891000 GEO ..

Renfert GEO Classic Cervical Wax - Hard - Bordeaux-Transparent - 75g 4861000

GEO Cervical wax / red transparent - Stable preparation margins Function & Performance Non-rebo..

Renfert GEO Classic Modelling Waxes - 75g - Shade Options

  GEO Classic Modeling and Special Waxes The GEO Classic line offers a selection of soft, m..

Renfert GEO Classic Milling Wax - Blue - Opaque - 75g - 4851000

Renfert GEO Classic Milling Wax, Blue, Opaque - 75g - 4851000 Hard, opaque, milling wax, designed f..

Renfert GEO Diagnostic Wax Up Wax - 75g - Shade Options

  Diagnostic Wax Up Wax The wax‐up waxes (GEO Snow‐white L opaque and GEO Snow‐white L transp..

Renfert GEO Expert Gingiva Wax Set A. Bruguera - Training Wax Set with Booklet 6340801

GEO Expert Gingiva Set A. Bruguera, English - Gingiva colored modeling waxes Training Wax Set with ..

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